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I'm shiny hunting via eggs (as per usual), and while I had a team of eggs and a flame body Centiskorch, I accidentally ran into a shiny Corviknight. I did end up catching her, but I just got extremely lucky. I was wondering if there's a highly defensive flame body Pokemon that would be better for tanking hits in the wild area, while having a team of eggs? I'd hate to find a shiny, and have it kill me lol. What would be the best option for this situation?



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Yes, Coalossal can have Flame Body, and with 110/120/90 defenses, it can definitely take some hits nicely. Best of all, it isn’t an HA so you won’t have to hunt for a long time, if at all.

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Source: https://pokemondb.net/pokedex/coalossal

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Thank you! :3
No problem! :)
Also chandelure has decent defences 60/90/90 with flame body
The only problem with Chandelure is that Coalossal does the tanking job better :P
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The best tank with Flame Body would be Coalossal. Its got a whopping base 120 Defense stat and a decent base 90 Special Defense stat. Also to note, Coalossal can have Flame Body AND Steam Engine as its two main abilities. Steam Engine is basically like Flame Body/Magma Armor which halves the distance needed to hatch eggs.

Coalossal's pre-evolution, Rolycoly, can be found early on Route 3 before heading towards Galar Mine 1.

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Obtainable in Sword/Shield, I would have to say Coalossal. It has 110 HP, 120 Defense and 90 Special Defense. Also, it has access to moves like Will-o-Wisp, Iron Defense, Smokescreen and Rest for extra bulk. Also, it has access to attacking moves like Flamethrower, Earthquake and Rock Slide. Also, it can learn Burn Up to lose that 4x water and Ground Weakness.