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Is it even possible?

Is there a chance of getting thunder punch? I tried breeding a Male Raichu and a Female Pikachu to get a Lvl. 1 Pichu, but the only moves it got were Thunder Shock and Tail Whip.
Does the Raichu have Thunder Punch on it?

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Pichu cannot learn Thunder Punch as an egg move in Sw/Sh (source). It can learn it using TM05 but getting that is in the late-game.

A solution would be Volt Tackle, which is obtained by breeding Pichu with one parent holding a Light Ball. That means the resulting Pichu will have Volt Tackle when it hatches

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Volt Tackle does have recoil but is powerful in compensation. Plus it’s easier for OP to obtain if they haven’t completed the game
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Btw have you completed the game, @awkward?