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What are Sub attackers and Sub stallers? What are their roles?

I think they're the ones that use substitute and then use either toxic/leech seed to stall or use boosting moves and attack behind a substitute

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I believe they are when you attack/stall behind Substitute.

Users of the Sub stall sort can be SubSeed (Substitute+ Leech Seed) users like Serperior, or Boosters like Swords Dance Speed Boost Ninjask. Sometimes they are Toxic Stallers too. Usually these Pokémon carry Leftovers for recovering the Substitute damage.

The most notable sub attacker is Breloom with its famous STAB SubPunch (Focus Punch+ Substitute, sometimes with Leech Seed and Spore, in Breloom’s case) set. Ninjask fits this category well too, as it usually attacks behind Substitute after getting some boosts to its speed and attack (via Speed Boost and Swords Dance).

So, really, there are different types of “Sub Attackers” and “Sub Stallers”, so they are broken up into smaller sections of SubBoosters, SubSeeders, and SubPunchers, as well as more

Hope this helps! :)

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Any attacker can use substitute if the player thinks substitute blocks threatening status moves. Some high HP Pokemon use substitute to get free turns when facing a seismic toss user.
Yes, really, a lot of Pokémon can pull off substitute, I was just naming the some of the most common users :P