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When can you catch rotom?

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I'm trying to get rotom at 7:33 but it isn't working and it says its at night outside in platinum.When I click a on the TV it doesn't say want to thump it or anything.

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Night begins at 8:00 PM in Gen IV, no earlier. While it might look like Night, it is actually just twilight at 7:33 PM.

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try changing the time on your ds to about 12.00,your are trying to do it to early

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change youre ds time to 12:00 and then go to the tv in the old chatue(spelling mistake)
then it will ask if you want to bang on the tv. say yes and you will find a rotom in the tv thats level 20.if you do this before 8:00 it will just say that the tv feels like its staring at you so make sure you do it at night.i think it is the only time and place you can catch rotom beacuse its a ghost electric type. i cought rotom with a dust ball whitch you can buy at the pokemart at snowpoint city,sunnyshore city or the battle frontier.

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ROFL dust ball XD
you threw a ball of dust at it and then you grabbed it and forced it into a pokeball :P