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So, I was wondering out of complete curiosity, what is the easiest way to get Galarian Farfetch’d to evolve? I know it gets Leaf Blade and Focus Energy, but if I were to get a Farfetch’d, I wouldn’t want to keep it around long enough for it to learn Leaf Blade.

Leaf Blade is a TR though.
Oh oops. Then uhhhh I don’t wanna buy the TR for Leaf Blade.... :P

My excuses.

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You can pick up a Scope Lens on Route 9/get a Leek from a wild Farfetch'd as early as Route 5 that when combined with Focus Energy, Farfetch'd should crit 100% of the time.

Another thing you can do is to breed a Farfetch'd with Night Slash as an Egg Move, which is a high crit move that you don't have to wait until Level 55 to obtain.

Hope this helped!

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Thanks! I’ll do this... if I ever get Sword :P
If you're looking for a place to try this, I recommend going to Rolling Fields and fighting some Metapod. They're already resistant to Grass and Fighting, and since they only know Harden, just spamming Leaf Blade or any Fighting move will only take off tiny chunks of HP, which is perfect for dragging out the battle until you get the 3 crits you need
Thanks for that too, Felix.
If you're in post-game, you could also find an Lv. 60 Magikarp, and battle it til' you get 3 crits. Switch out, then beat it.
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As jhnfui stated, leaf blade IS a TR. focus energy is a TR as well. The leek item increases Farfetch’d’s critical hit rate by two stages. If you are holding a leek, used focus energy the last turn, and are using leaf blade, you should have the highest critical hit rate possible.