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Are there ways to increase a shiny encounter in Ultra Sun?


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The best way to get shinies in ultra sun is S.O.S chaining
S.O.S chaining may be hard at first, but if you get the hang of it, you can get shinys on the first day of your hunt. To S.O.S chain, you have to have a false swipe user (not required but necessary). Start with false swipe to weaken the foe to 1 HP, and then use an adrenaline orb to get them to call for help. Kill the Pokémon that is called for a little while and switch the callers (use false swipe on the Pokémon called and kill the old caller) keep repeating the process until you find a shiny. Between a chain of 70 and 255, you have an increased shiny chance (1/1024 without shiny charm and 1/683 with it). Stock up on roto pp restores, full heals, full restores, and have overleveled Pokémon so other Pokémon don’t damage you as much. Different Pokémon have different call rates which determine how often they call for help. Most have a call rate of 9 and Pokémon with a call rate of 9 or more are the best ones to hunt. The list of call rates is https://m.bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/List_of_Pokémon_by_call_rate
The shiny charm definently helps with this and makes it quicker. The next bets method is the Masuda method, where you breed two Pokémon from two different countries. Foreign dittos are valuable because of the Masuda method. The chances are 1/1365 without charm and 1/455 with shiny charm
I have gotten shiny zorua, bagon, rufflet, golbat, rockruff,larvitar, and trapinch using S.O.S chaining. They were all obtained rather quickly (most on day 2 of hunting but I didn’t stay up all day like a crazy person but larvitar and rockruff were after about an hour, all with shiny charm)

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Also, watch out for Pokémon that have recoil moves, inflict status conditions, or lower your accuracy/raise their evasion
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You can get a shiny charm after you get a 100% Pokedex which changes the chance from 1/4096 to 1/1365.

SOS Battles increase shiny rate (or checks for personality values) when the chain length is 11, 21, and 31. SOS Battles also stack with the Shiny Charm, unlike Ultra Warp Ride.

If you use the Ultra Warp Ride, you have an increased shiny chance (depending on how far you go and how many rings the wormhole you enter has) for every Pokemon found in the wormholes other than Legendary Pokemon and Ultra Beasts.

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If you are looking for ways to increase your shiny chance, I know of 2 good ways. The first is involving the Ultra Wormhole. The further you travel in it, the more likely you are to get a shiny. With this, you just soft reset for the pokémon and hope. The other method is SOS chaining. This basically just involves getting the wild pokémon to call for help and then killing its ally. You just repeat the process. It is wise to carry plenty of Adrenaline Orbs for this method. As for the odds, this has a chance of 1/4096 at the start, but decreases to 1/1024 after you KO the 70th Pokémon. As an added bonus, you have guaranteed 4 perfect IV's and a 15% chance of getting the hidden ability. Keep in mind though that the IV's and Hidden Ability chance reset after the 255th pokémon, but the shiny chance won't reset. So, in conclusion, I would highly recommend the SOS battles because of the higher chance and the added bonuses.
Source: https://www.player.one/pokemon-sun-and-moon-sos-chaining-and-shiny-encounter-rates-emerge-573434