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I have Pokemon Shield and I'm trying to evolve my Inkay.
I went into my Bag, turned the console upside down(I was playing handheld), and fed my Inkay a Rare Candy, leveling it up to 30.
Why didn't it evolve?

are the joycons attached to the system? was there another controller turned on?
When did you turn it? You should have turned before the dialogue ended
Yes, the joycons were attached to the system, and I turned the Switch upside down before feeding Inkay the Rare Candy. I don't think any other controllers were turned on.
did the level of evolution change?

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You have to turn it upside down before it levels up until it evolves. So turn the switch upside down, THEN feed it the rare candy.

Source: Experience

Unless I misunderstand the OP, that's exactly what they did.  They opened their bag, then turned the system upside-down, then fed the Rare Candy to the Inkay.  But it didn't evolve the Inkay.
yeah that's what i did