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Once upon a time I was Masuda method breeding for a shiny snivy. I decided to start hatching magikarps because they are faster and gyarados is cooler in my opinion. I had a snivy egg containing a shiny snivy in my PC boxes. I hatched 650 magikarps no shiny. Then, I tried chespins (I love chespin and he is more pleasing to look at then a flipping red karp) I hatched over 1000, no shiny. I later decided to hatch leftover eggs I had in my PC boxes(from when I wanted to breed something else but I had to claim the egg from the lady) and the first egg was a shiny contrary snivy (brave, sadly). I was happy, but mad at the same time because I wanted a shiny chespin not a snivy. But, I had that snivy sitting in my PC the entire time I hatched the 1650+ eggs. Was that the reason I got no shiny? Please, include a source (mabye someone saying they hatched a shiny with a shiny egg sitting in their PC boxes)
I had a shiny charm, and was breeding a Japanese ditto with my magikarp and chesnaught that I caught myself.



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Its simply that you had very good luck with Snivy (I wanted to say Sapphire so bad), but bad luck while breeding Chespin and Magikarp. Its as simple as that.

Hope this help! :)

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Not extremely lucky, I just got one. I can’t even look at a normal chespin with the hatched egg background anymore.....anyways, thanks