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This is for a mostly for a playthrough and catching Pokémon but occasionally competitive. I know about his/her technician + stab + bullet punch combo (Which is great, by the way) but is he/she good is a playthrough + catching Pokémon + competitive? If so what's a good move set for it (But with the bullet punch combo)?

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We don't know about competitive, but magnezone no longer has hp fire so it'll probably be better than last gen. The isle of armour is short,  but it resists the stabs of both rivals so yeah I guess. Great catcher with swords dance and false swipe combo
When you play competitive, what format/rules do you play with?
I most of the time I do single link battles but I sometimes do doubles. (I know, not really competitive)

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Scizor will be good against your rivals, because poison does nothing on it and it resists psychic. It won't do terrible in the dojo, because fighting is neutral. I'm not good at movesets, but I'm gonna throw one out there.

Ability: Technician
Bullet Punch, (Like you wanted)
Swords Dance (Sweeping capabilities)
X Scissor (Stab)
False Swipe (Catching)

The only weakness is fire, for which the only coverage is sand tomb (which kinda sucks). So I put in false swipe.

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The loss of roost is devastating but I think the new move called dual wingbeat makes up for it heavily because of its 40 base power and hitting twice. It's not going to do as much as Scyther because of the lack of stab but it is still an amazing move. I didn't even mention technician yet which boosts the power of moves under 60 base power moves effectively making it a 120 base power physical flying type move which breaks sashes and substitute.