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Is Urshifu good to use in-game or wifi battles? If yes, what moves should I use?

I was thinking about it, it's stats isn't that great, so why should I use Urshifu instead of Sirfetch'd for example?

what do you mean urshifu's stats aren't that great
base 100 HP, 130 Attack, 100 Def, and a decent 97 Speed, outspeeding Sirfetch'd by a mile
What form
Isn't great for a legendary. A pseudo may be better than it in some cases.
Hello kyogre, does the forms change it's stats?
they dont. Just some movepool changes
When you play Wifi battles, what Pokemon, moves, or abilities are you not allowed to use?
sumwun, I don't think there are any wifi battle restrictions, off the top of my head.

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We can't answer this well as of now, so I'll try and overview the positives and negatives of urshifu.

Urshifu has an amazing movepool. It's signature moves always crit, and rapid strike styles Surging Strikes hits three times, therefore breaking protect, focus sash and sturdy. It's fighting type stab options are also great, with Close Combat being an amazing move worthy of a slot on any Pokemon. Coverage-wise, it has the elemental punches, Rock Slide, Iron Head and Poison Jab which cover its weaknesses very well. They even have a support move for teammates in Coaching, which is basically just Bulk Up for a teammate.

Urshifu has amazing stats. It has a 550 BST, weaker than most legendaries, but it's distributed extremely well. It has great univested bulk with 100 HP and Defense, and amazing 130 attack and a decent 97 speed. It falls with its bad Special Attack and Special Defense, but the other stats make up for this weak point.

We all know what I'm going to say. Bypassing protect is busted. Enough Said.

It's a great dynamaxer. Aerial Ace or Acrobatics allow you to raise your speed, and Max Geyser gives Single Strike Style a way to boost it's water STAB. Max Knuckle is always great on a physical attacker. As for their Gigantimax Forms, Their Primary Stab will now bypass both protect weakening your moves and Max Guard. I'd recommend giving Single Strike Style the Max Soup, as Max Darkness lowers special defense even though you'll be using that massive physical attack. Max Geyser is probably better as it sets rain and boosting your STAB is always nice.

Yeah, it's busted. Nothing more to say.