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So I recently was allowed to pick which tower I should go into to evolve my Kubfu. But since my friend keep challenging me for battles, I was wondering which Urshifu is better. Single or Rapid? I watch many videos but I can’t seem to get a straight answer, I mean it’s not as easy as picking between Sword or Shield. So can someone please get me an answer.

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The battle format decides what the rules of the battle are, e.g. what Pokemon are allowed, singles or doubles, etc. Certain Pokemon being allowed could make one Urshifu form better than the other. There is also a popular format (SWSH OU) where Single Strike Urshifu is banned.
Knowing the format you're playing will allow us to give a specific and definitive answer. If the videos you've watched haven't discussed individual battle formats in competitive play, then that's why you haven't gotten a straight answer. You can't give a straight answer for competitive play in general.
Okay, I see..... thanks
But in your opinion, which do you prefer. I am very bad at making decisions, sorry
If it's just casual battles then single is usually better since it's fairly easy to resist rapid's stab combo and you get ruined by rocky helmet
The VR thread on Smogon (maintained by active BSS players) suggests Rapid Strike and Single Strike are similarly viable in BSS. https://www.smogon.com/forums/threads/3672698/
Somebody who knows the format more than me should be able to explain what each form ought to be used for in BSS.

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Single strike is often better than rapid strike, partly because sucker punch is stronger than aqua jet. Fighting dark is also a better offensive typing, so single strike is better at checking Dragonite, Metagross, Toxapex, dusk mane Necrozma, Dragapult, Eternatus, and Calyrex (both forms). It can check fairies simply by using poison jab.

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While you are true, it depends on the fairy type’s speed and hp. If the Single Strike Urishifu is slower than the fairy type, it might OHKO from the fairy type due to it’s 4x fairy weakness. This can be countered with a Focus Sash though.
It's usually better to switch out in those situations. You should have a teammate that can check an offensive fairy without relying on a focus sash.
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The way I see it, it depends on the rest of your team. If your team has a dark type, add urshifu water. If it has a water type, add urshifu dark. They both have very good signature moves, but urshifu water has the more reliable priority move Aqua jet, meanwhile urshifu dark’s best priority move is sucker punch, which is not as good. But you could add a Pokémon with anger point to your team and use the guaranteed crit move to get the stat boosts. The first priority is definitely type coverage, so focus on that first. But otherwise, I thing urshifu water is better due to having a better priority move and not having a 4x weakness. So I would focus on type coverage first, but if you don’t care about that, I would recommend urshifu water.

* The answer should at least discuss how each Urshifu form fits into the metagame. The rest of the team is only one factor to address (and avoiding type double-ups is a beginner's misconception).
* This question is for a singles format, so the discussion about Anger Point is irrelevant. (In any case, Frost Breath is a better way to trigger Anger Point because it is a weak attack.)
* Sucker Punch is every bit as good as Aqua Jet. It is inconsistent against passive Pokemon that use status moves, but you would rather use Close Combat on them anyway.