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My froslass has Will-o-Wisp, Frost Breath, Hail, and He's. A lot of guides recommend ice punch as an ace move for her, but the difference between the two ice attacks seems negligible.

This is for playthrough, not competitive. Want to be good but doesn't need to be meta

What guides are you reading that recommend Ice Punch on Froslass? I'd steer clear.
What game are you playing? What guides did you read? Ice punch might be good in a game where the ice beam TM comes very late, but I can't think of any specific game where that's true.
The Gen. 5 games are like that.  Ice Beam is in Giant Chasm which is only accessible after beating the Elite 4 in B/W, and after the final gym in B2/W2.  This is only if you transfer it though.

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Neither. Use Ice Beam instead. Since this is a play through, I will go only by base stats. Froslass has 80 base Attack and Special Attack, so the difference between special and physical attacks are negligible. Now, since Frost Breath always results in a critical hit, it will have a base power of 90, or in Gen. 5, it has a base power of 40, so the critical hit will have 80 base power. So, unless it is Gen. 5, it will have the same as Ice Beam, unless you are playing in Gen. 5 or 4. In that case, it has a base power of 95, so it is stronger. Ice Punch only has a base power of 75, so it is weaker. The added bonus of Ice Beam is that it gets a 10% chance of freezing the target, so that makes it a better choice overall than both Frost Breath and Ice Punch. The only downfall is that it is a TM/TR that is usually obtained later in-game.

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