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What moveset just based off of types, would have the most coverage over all other types? This is a vague question so I will go into more detail. I am asking what four combination of types would have the best coverage of trying to be at least normally effective and super effective against as many types as possible. I have a system that would make things easier to understand.

If the move set you have has at least one move type that is
supereffective against a type it gets 2 points
normally effective gets 1 point
not very effective is .5 points
no effect at all against a move (nearly impossible unless all moves are the same type) 0 points

an example would be having moves that ice, fire, water, and electric would have a score of 27 since it has super effective typing against 10 types and normally effective typing against 7. The goal is to have the highest score.

U would likely want a fighting and ground
Just putting one ghost and one fighting move already gives you a very good coverage. Ghost hits everything for super effective or neutral damage except dark and normal types. Both of which get destroyed by fighting type
The system described in this question assumes that each type is equally important to hit, which is very much untrue in practice. It's better to assess which coverage moves to use on a case-by-case basis.
You should also consider that a) dual-typed Pokemon make this scoring system even less valuable and b) coverage moves suffer diminishing marginal utility, to the point you should rarely use four-attacks movesets in the first place. (In other words, the fourth coverage move you add probably doesn't cover much extra, so you should use something different that is more valuable, sometimes excepting Choice users.)

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Mold Breaker Basculin with Soak and Hidden Power for either Grass or Electric can hit everything super effectively except Arceus and Silvally, and still has two move slots to spare. (In later games Morpeko would dodge it too because its automatic and frequent form changes cause its type to reset, but there's no game where Morpeko exists and Hidden Power is usable at all.)

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The best moveset would include types that are super-effective against numerous other types (eg. Ground).

I think this is a good coverage ( This is the best I could find)-
That brings me to a total of 28 points.
You could replace Ghost with Fairy- also leaving you with 28 points.
I would recommend Fairy over Ghost because of those annoying pseudo-legendaries like Dragapult, but finding a Pokemon with this type combo is pretty tricky (I actually tried to find one, but Gallade doesn't have reliable Speed Defense and HP unless it's Mega Evolved, and even then Gallade's HP is sad. Mew works but it's a Mythical- I highly doubt you have a competitively viable Mew with a perfect Nature and EVs stashed at the bottom of your PC somewhere.)

On the other hand, it should be easier to find one with the Ground-Fighting-Fire-Ghost combo eg. Garchomp, Tyranitar, Lucario, etc.

Good luck!

According to the type coverage checker, swapping fire for rock would allow you to hit more pokemon super-effectively. You can also swap ghost for fairy as quite a few moderately decent pokemon can learn decent moves of all of these types.