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At some point, I will transfer my charizard up to sword and shield. My old charizard moveset was:
[email protected] Y
Nature: modest
EVs:252 sp.attack 252 speed 4 HP
•Heat Wave(I use him in doubles)
•solar beam
•air slash
I can’t mega evolve him in sword and shield, so solar beam needs to be replaced. So far, I have his moveset as:
Charizard [email protected]
Same nature, same EVs, same ability
•Heat wave(still using him in doubles)
•Air Slash
•Scorching sands or Dragon Pulse
I don’t know which is a better choice. This is for doubles in WiFi battles.
If you think I should replace leftovers, tell me

Why not use non Gigantamax Charizard so you can set the sun with your fire moves? That way you can have Solar Beam still

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Scorching Sands over Dragon Pulse. Dragon Pulse doesn't cover any of Charizards weaknesses, and Scorching Sands covers the electric and rock weakness. I'd also suggest swapping out Leftovers for Life Orb for added power and to KO more bulky electric/rock types. You can also Roost off the damage from Life Orb when non gigantamaxed. Max Quaking can also help with ally special defense.

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Scorching Sands

While it may not be as powerful, having a better chance to burn while hitting with potentially super-effective or at least neutral damage can really help. As for GMaxing, raising your own stats is normally better than lowering you opponents, especially for a sweeper. In addition, the burn damage deals that extra damage that dragon pulse would, but a little less (more if it is super-effective).

Also, like Nebby said, swap Leftovers for Life Orb because you have roost.

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