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Please help ASAP! It’s my first time playing through emerald and I’ve just been to Meteor falls and saved that scientist guy from team magma and aqua, and I went out from the cave but I jumped over the ledges and ended up in rustboro city and can’t get back to where I need to be because Mr Briney isn’t in his house!! The last badge I got was from the electric gym and I haven’t got surf :/
I also can’t go back to where I last saved because I saved after jumped over the ledge stupidly :(


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To my understanding, Mr. Briney doesn’t make an appearance until the post game of Emerald after you beat Norman and have Surf.

Hope this helps! :)

Thank you for trying to help. I’ve gone to the gym to fight Norman but he won’t fight me yet, so I must have to do something before that. The thing is that I can’t go anywhere further than rustboro because I don’t have surf and mr briney won’t sail me anywhere :(
I just realised that I have to beat flannery in laverage town before I beat Norman but I can’t get there because I don’t have surf and mr briney isn’t there so he can’t sail me anywhere :/
Oh wow that’s... I’ll try to see why that happened.
Well, did you meet Mr. Briney near Rustboro Tunnel? Apparently you have to bring Devon parts to the scientist and save Peeko to meet up with him, if I’m understanding correctly.
There was nothing I could do and I’m using an emulator on pc so I just ended up using a cheat to teleport myself haha, thank you for helping tho :)
No problem