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After defeating Norman in Alpha Sapphire I decided to take a quick jaunt to Dewford Town to pick up a shiny new Sludge Bomb TM for my Seviper. So I walked to Mr. Briney's cabin Route 104, but when I went inside, there was no festive merry-go-round of him chasing Peeko!

I Surfed aaaaalllllll the way down to Dewford Town to get my TM and check if Briney was there. Nope! The dock was empty. So, I then Surfed aaaaalllll the way to Route 209 to see if Mr. Briney would be at the third dock. Lo and behold, he was not there.

Where did the Wingull-loving old sailor go, and when will he return?


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Once Peeko is rescued and returned to Mr. Briney, he will offer to ferry the player in his boat among Petalburg City and Dewford Town, as well as Slateport City (but only after the Letter to Steven is delivered) until they gain the Balance Badge from their father, after which he promptly disappears from all three areas. After the player earns the Mind Badge, Mr. Briney makes a visit to Stern's Shipyard.

Once you defeat Norman, Mr. Briney stops letting you freely roam anywhere. Serves us all right for abusing his fuel and energy for our own benefit.


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Im playing Ruby and I beat Flannery and I went to Mr. Briney's cottage and he isn't there. I haven't gotten the Balance Badge yet but he still isn't there.  So is my game busted or not?
Check slateport