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uh,..... gram?
he means in pokemon white. ice_perfection PLEASE add more details. Where did you get the second and first gram? No one can really answer the question.
Sorry every time I use the computer my bro and sis keeps nagging for their turn example:I'm only checking on this now!

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Since i dont know which one you are talking about ill give you all three and you figure it out from there.....

Worry about that in just a minute or so: for now, head further south
and fight the Painter with his Camerupt L65. Just south of him is a
Razor Claw — an item that boosts the user's critical hit rate, but
also evolves Sneasel into Weavile if it levels up at night while it's
holding the Razor Claw — and also Gram 2, which you'll want to deliver
to the girl with the Wingull.

Take that back to the girl, talk to her, and she'll give it to her
Wingull. That leaves you left finding two more packages. Go back down
the steps and talk to the old man from earlier that I told you to
remember. He'll give you Gram 1. Before you head back to the Wingull,
head further south and pick up the Gram 3 from the Parasol Lady that
didn't battle you earlier on.


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Try talking to people throughout the route. They find that Wingull dropped them as it flew by. They will battle @ first, but when you talk to them the second time, they may give you a gram. In return for the grams, Wingull will give you TM89 U-Turn.