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I Have a castform, and i want another one so i can get a better moveset. The only way i know right now is to trade, but i don't want to do that cause most of the requests are ridiculous stuff i don't have.

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You can breed it at the daycare center to get another. if yours is male, just put a ditto with it.

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Problem is you can't get a ditto without trading in emerald. And i don't want to trade anything, because i only have gotten one of everything i can so far, and i don't want to trade one of them.
You can get Ditto after completing game, Fossil Maniac´s tunnel
Then you can use any pokemon that falls in the same egg group as him. the fairy group http://pokemondb.net/mechanics/egg-groups/fairy or the indeterminate group .http://pokemondb.net/mechanics/egg-groups/indeterminate