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Because I love Blissey so much, I thought up of a kind of strategy where I could have two Blisseys, while playing different roles, to be on the same team.
I'll have a Wish Blissey, along with my current Blissey.
This will confuse the opponent a little as to what kind of Blissey I have and Blissey's very useful.
But, do you guys think that it is a bad idea? Or banned in some way? Lemme know what you guys think.


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1 Earthquake and your're facing a double OHKO.

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Well, if you're battling competitively than it's illegal from the get go and if you're battling eve somewhat seriously than it's still an incredibly stupid idea as a single fighting physical sweeper will be able to knock 2 of your pokemon out off the bat. It would be best to pair blissey with another wall like skarmory to form the dreaded skarmbliss combo.

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Ahh, so lt is illegal to use two Blissey's in competetive... thank you!
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DEpending on your strategy this could work very well and I would make atleast one of the blisseys a staller because they have the highest hp stat of all pokemon
her are some movesets

calm mind

healing wish
light screen



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Yeah, my original Blissey is a Staller:
- Bold - Toxic, Softboiled, Flamethrower, Aromatherapy.

@First Moveset: I don't know what Calm Mind is gonna do for the rest...

@2nd: I'm not too sure about Egg Bomb...

@3rd: What do I need Metronome for?

@4th: I'm sure my Blissey's going to defenitely need Softboiled...
No use to give it Thunderpunch, Its Attack is Very Low!
XTREMELY! Great job pointing that out....
Yeah, its one of the Lowest attack stat