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I looked on both the DB and Serebii and I can't notice the difference between normal and Shiny Sun, Rain and Hail forms.


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Unlike most Pokémon with form differences, Castform's alternate forms have no Shiny variations of their own, so only the Normal form of a Shiny Castform will look different.

No, none of Castform's alternate forms look different when shiny.


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I apologize for this being very late (I'm pretty sure Toucanadian is mostly inactive now), but Castform's other forms finally have obtained shiny forms (that's a lot of forms)! They were first introduced in Pokémon Home, as transferring a shiny Castform to it allowed for the other shiny forms to be seen for the first time.

Also, just in case someone isn't sure, the one on the left is the shiny variant of the form.

Castform Castform

Rain Castform has a darker cloud at its bottom, a teal main body, and green "goggles", instead of the usual white.

Castform Castform

Sun Castform has a pinker cloud, a red main body, and "goggles" that change to be a faded red.

Castform Castform

Hail Castform has a blue main body, with yellow "goggles."

In addition, it appears as if Rain and Hail's mouths become slightly paler.

I Hope I Helped!

Source 1
Source 2 (The start of the video celebrates the new Shiny forms of Castform)

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You should show the images of the ones that are not shiny as well. This way we can compare. :)

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They got shinies. Can I get a HAIL YEAH!?