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I really want to add a Camerupt in my black 2 team without trading. Is there any chance for getting a Numel/Camerupt in hidden grottoes?


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Unfortunately, it does not appear to be possible. In order to get Numel/Camperupt in Black 2, a trade is required. Neither Numel (and Camperupt) or its version exclusive counterpart (Spoink/Grumpig) can be found in Hidden Grottos, as well. This also applies to the Dream World, where Spoink is exclusive to Black 2 and Numel is exlcusive to White 2.

I Hope I Helped, and I'm sorry for the lack of Camerupt in Black 2.

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So, that's the fact. :(
Thanks for your help.
Yeah, sorry about that.  It would be could if you could find it in black 2, but I suppose it’s not possible.
OK! I understand!
Also, I'm glad to help :).  Sorry I missed that comment.
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Unfortunately, there is not. It's impossible to find Numel or Camerupt in a Hidden Grotto.

Hope I helped!