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I am wondering what a good moveset for my Scizor is. I have some moves here, and I would like if you guys to tell me which four moves I should use.

My ideas:
1. U-Turn (for obvious reasons).
2. X-Scissor (for strong physical stab).
3. Iron Head (for strong physical stab and the 30% flinch).
4. Bullet Punch (for it's priority, and increased to 60 damage with technician).
5. Swords Dance (to double Scizor's already awesome attack stat).
6. Acrobatics (for coverage, and I don't have an idea for an item).

It would be great if you guys could help me out, I can EV train other Pokemon while I wait for answers, so no hurry!

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Sorry, we only allow one moveset question per fully evolved Pokemon. Scizor sets for Gen 8 belong on the thread linked above.