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I don’t really get it, how do you see if a Pokémon has a mark, and do they have any effect on the Pokémon?


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Marks are essentially just Ribbons except that a Pokémon can only have one Mark, at it is obtained when the Pokémon is caught. Also, Pokémon have a 5% chance to have a mark. You are that the Pokémon has a mark in the Summary Page. Then Marks have no effect on Pokemon except the mark gives it a title when it is sent out to battle.
Source: https://m.bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Mark

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Additionally, only Pokémon found in the wild can have a mark. Pokémon from eggs and raid dens cannot.
True.  I totally forgot about  that.
Thanks! If a wild Pokémon has a mark, does it say the title, or do you have to catch it to know?
You have to "assign" it the mark. Go to the summary and select it. Next time you throw that 'mons ball out, it'll say its title.