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I’m starting to become dubious since I’ve caught over 30 Clefairys now and not a single one of them is marked, whereas I’ve caught a marked Pikachu on my 6th attempt on a route, not in the Wild Area.

Is it just my bad luck or is it like this for other people?

I know Serebii says that all wild Pokémon can be marked but I prefer experience as the source here.


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Adding onto X's answer:

yes, you can get Marks in the wild area.
I personally have gotten quite a few, so I'm 100% positive.

Hope this helps uwu

what does this contribute that the previous answer doesn’t?
i know for a fact its possible. x said "probably"
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Any "wild" encounter is eligible for a mark, including berry trees and other encounters.

Wild Area Pokemon are wild encounters.


You're probably just getting unlucky. Six attempts is ridiculously low, you can't expect that to happen every time.

Hope I helped!