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I just want to start shiny hunting, and I would like to know which Pokemon spawn the most overall anywhere in the game. I want a very common Pokemon to start shiny hunting.

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Combee at Honeycomb Island I believe, but it’s a tough hunt if you want a Vespiquen.
Also, use Maduda Method or Dynamax Adventures. They increase odds.
The wild Pokémon battling method only has a 3% chance to give you the 1/512 odds, so it kinda sucks
I guess wooloo or galarian zigzagoon... cause poketips on youtube did it for zigzagoon

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Galarian Slowpoke has a 100% spawn rate on the beach in the Fields of Honor. There are a few static encounters there too but if you clear them out they won't respawn for the rest of the day, so you won't see anything but Slowpoke.

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