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I just found out in USUM if you keep spinning you can actually perform the victory pose that we use to evolve milcery in SWSH.
What is the use of it ?

I don't think it has any functional purpose; I suppose it is just a fun little easter egg, though i'm not 100% sure.

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I feel the use of the Victory Pose in the Generation 7 and 8 games are used to make the character more realistic and as an easter egg. There weren't a lot of facial expressions but the pose could be a symbol. A symbol which foreshadows their victory in the Pokémon League. Furthermore, this could also reference the Pokémon Anime where Ash would be posing after catching Pokémon or winning a battle. The pose could maybe be an easter egg to the Super Smash Bros series, where each character also makes a victory pose when they win, giving them more realistic emotions.

The only source I used was this reddit thread.

"That's one of the cooler things about SM. Stop and go running and tripping is so minor, but it makes it that much more realistic." -Anonymous User

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