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I am planning on SOS-chaining bagon and would like to come up with a strategy. I was wondering what all pitfalls can be there, so I would like to know the movesets if possible. I couldn't find anything on bulbapedia

I'm not gonna answer this because I'm too lazy to look things up but look at its moves for that level, then look at the levels you encounter it at. This should normally work
I can look it up if you really want tho lol
And how to know the levels it will be at. I was just catching a marvel scale dratini and I encountered levels 20-60 dratini's with massive variety in movesets
Ah I see. I'll just give you this then.https://www.serebii.net/pokedex-sm/location/371.shtml#ultrasun
It's the levels for it in usum
Also, bagon learnset just cause its convenient
I remember that it could inflict you with a burn, and I’m pretty sure it could paralyze too
Thanks for the help, time to catch sheer force bagon
Your welcome :)
EDIT-Just caught a shiny cutiefly randomly while searching for Bagon to start the SOS. Cool :). First time ever in all games that I got a shiny charm, it is putting in work

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Bagon can be found at levels 9-12, and 15-18 in USUM. At these levels, it can have the moves: Rage, Ember, Leer, Bite, Dragon Breath, and Headbutt. At level 9, the moveset will be Rage, Ember, and Leer. At levels 10-12, the moveset will be Rage, Ember, Leer, and Bite. At level 15-16, the set will be Ember, Leer, Bite, and Dragon Breath. At level 17-18, it will be Leer, Bite, Dragon Breath, Headbutt.


Hope I helped!

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