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So what is the back story of totem Pokémon like how do they become a totem Pokémon? I’m not talking about game mechanics or anything, this is completely a lore type question. I could not find an answer to this anywhere.


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According to Wicke, their size and aura are a result of being bathed in the energy spilled from Ultra Wormholes, the same kind that the Ultra Beasts use to wield their Ability Beast Boost, which is further revealed in Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon to be Necrozma's light.

Its reasonable to assume that these were just ordinary Pokemon that happened to get too close to an Ultra Wormhole at some point, and that was how they got their Totem status.


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Ahh thank you so much it makes so much sense now after reading that excerpt. I couldn’t find it on the Wicke myself I guess that’s what happens when you skim for key points rather than reading the whole page . Thanks again Felix you’re awesome!
Lol happy to help out!