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Pokémons that doesn't appear in almost all games in the wild, in-game trades or gifts

Finneon and Lumineon. As far as I know you can only find it in DPPt, ORAS, and SMUSUM.
Blitzle can only be found on one Route in one pair of games (Black and White).
What do you mean by forgotten pokemon do you mean not used?
@Zekrom_da_boi "Pokémons that doesn't appear in almost all games in the wild, in-game trades or gifts"

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For me I am seeing whole pokedex but its not in order ya pls note that I am not gonna talk about pkm which are known for being weak and its my opinion totally:

Paras, Parasect, Shelder, Tangela, Kabuto, KabutopsLedyba, LedianSpinarak, Chinchou, Cleff, Igglibuff, Natu, hoppip, Skipplom, Aipom, Sunkern, Sunflora, smoochum, magby Seedot, Slakoth, Vigoroth, Slaking, Whismur, loundred, azurill, delcatty, aron, Volbeat, illumise, gulpin, carvanah, numel, spoink, baltoy, chimencho, Kriketot, kriketune, Burmy/burmadam (all forms) pachirisu, chingling, happini, hippopotas, croagunk, finneion, tangrowth,phione,Munna drilbur timbur, Tympole, sewaddle, venippede, basculin, snadile, darumaka, dwebble, scraggy, yamask, tirtuga, trubbish zorua, mincinno, gothita, solosis, ducklett, swanna, fungush, joltik, ferrosid, klink, rufflet, vullaby, larvesta, swirlix, spritzee, skrelp, carbink, clauncher, oricorio all forms, wimpod, clobopous

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