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So I think I’ll include Pokémon belonging to Kings, related in the game to kings.

The only few I can think of are Calyrex (it’s got king in its title), Zacian and Zamazenta and AZ Floette.

I think maybe Rayquaza counts since it is the King of the sky?

Slowking and Politoed, because of Kings Rock and Aegislash, due to Kings Shield, come to mind. Based on the criteria you're listing though, this might be too subjective a question for this site; you'd probably get better answers on some type of discussion forum or site

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I included Queens too, hope you don't mind :P

Arceus - Literally god of Pokémon

Aegislash - "Generations of kings were attended by these Pokémon, which used their spectral power to manipulate and control people and Pokémon."

Calyrex - "Calyrex is known in legend as a king that ruled over Galar in ancient times. It has the power to cause hearts to mend and plants to spring forth."

Spectrier/Glastrier - Calyrex's steeds

Serperior - Based on French royalty, the Regal Pokemon

Zoroark - King N's ace

Politoed - "The curled hair on Politoed’s head is proof of its status as a king. It is said that the longer and more curled the hair, the more respect this Pokémon earns from its peers."

Vespiquen - Has "queen" in it's name and is the queen of the Combee colony

Eternal Flower Floette - AZ's Floette

Tyrantrum - "A single bite of Tyrantrum’s massive jaws will demolish a car. This Pokémon was the king of the ancient world."

Slowking - King of intelligence. "Slowking can solve any problem presented to it, but no one can understand a thing Slowking says."

Nidoking - King of battle. "Nidoking prides itself on its strength. It’s forceful and spirited in battle, making use of its thick tail and diamond-crushing horn."

Nidoqueen - Has "queen" in her name

Tsareena - It's signature ability is "Queenly Majesty" and a Tsar (Tsareena) is an emperor of Russia

Jynx - "In certain parts of Galar, Jynx was once feared and worshiped as the Queen of Ice."

Rayquaza - As you said, "King of the skies" (and king of competitive)

Groudon - King of the earth

Kyogre - King of the sea

Palkia - King of space

Dialga - King of time

Giratina - King of the Distortion World

Reshiram - Queen of fire and truth

Zekrom - King of electricity and ideals

Kyurem - King of ice and emptiness

Xerneas - King of life

Yveltal - King of death

Zygarde - King of balance and the ecosystem

The Tapus - Guardian deities of Alola's islands

Solgaleo - King/Emissary of the sun

Lunala - Queen/Emissary of the moon

Zacian - "Able to cut down anything with a single strike, it became known as the Fairy King’s Sword, and it inspired awe in friend and foe alike."

Zamazenta - "Its ability to deflect any attack led to it being known as the Fighting Master’s Shield. It was feared and respected by all."

Aggron - "Long ago, there was a king who wore a helmet meant to resemble the head of an Aggron. He was trying to channel the Pokémon’s strength."

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U forgot nidoqueen
You forgot Slaking it literally has King in the name and it’s got like the highest base stat total ever I hate the Slaking neglect