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I was at the battle tower with my Cinderace. I was up against a Madame. She had a Golurk as her first Pokemon. Mine was Cinderace.Before she could use shadow ball, the Golurk went first and killed her with two Earthquakes. My Cinderace's speed was 171 so she should have gone first. But instead the Golurk went first. How is this possible???

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There are 2 reasons, and a combination of these 3 probably happened.
1. EVs. Your Cinderace was probably not EV trained in Speed, while the Golurk was. This alone doesn't get the Golurk faster though.
2. Natures- Natures have a big impact on a stat. They increase a stat by 10% and lower one by 10%, if it isn't a neutral nature. The Golurk probably had a Speed boosting nature like Jolly, and yours didn't, maybe it even has a Speed reducing nature like Quiet. However, both of these don't make The Golurk faster. That only leaves one thing.
3. Choice Scarf. The Golurk probably had a Choice Scarf, this boosts your speed by 1.5x. All of these things combined would make your Golurk faster.
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Same goes for the other one.
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All of the Madames in the Battle Tower can have a chance to carry Choice Scarf on their Golurk, as shown here, here, here, and here. (Ctrl F + Golurk)

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It did.Thank you!