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Like if I shiny hunt for Rowlet then I get it after 200 eggs will the shiny rate reset or can I go on to find another shiny with a higher rate ?
The reason for this question is because I'm breeding for HA shiny rowlet and if it isn't HA then maybe I'll be able to continue.

Are you under the impression that every egg you hatch has a greater chance to be shiny than the previous?
They are adding a HA charm in the crown tundra

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When you are hatching eggs, the shiny chance doesn’t increase. You will always have the same chance of hatching a shiny, there is no “chain”. You could find three shinies in a row, you could find one after hundreds of eggs. The chance will never increase. The only way to increase chances are shiny charm and masuda method

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I thought you hated the masuda method.
I do, does this say anywhere that I don’t? It increases the chances, I just don’t like it because  it never works for me
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No, your odds do not reset. Thinking it in terms of "lower rate" or "higher rate" is a bit of flawed logic when shiny hunting by breeding. Every egg you hatch has the exact same odds of being shiny, regardless of whether it's your first egg, your 1000th, or if you've just hatched a shiny.

In another question PX compared it to rolling a dice.
I think that was HT
Yes it was HT woops