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I meen, i heard people said that when you go with a hacked pokemon in Random Matchup you cannot entrer. Is this true? And how does the game know that it is hacked? My brother didnt bought black or white. He had supercard ds2(its like r4) and downloaded pokemon black there. He can go to Random Matchup. Also he sent a hacked event Arceus to his HeartGold(original) and he did the Arceus event. Please dont be afraid to battle me cause my brother uses hacks. I dont.

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If event pokemon like Shaymin, Darkrai, Arceus, mew, etc. do not have the "Fateful Encounter" tag on their information page on their summary, then the game recognizes them as hacked. This is the reason why you can't use a hacked Shaymin to get the Gracidea Flower from the girl in Lacunosa town. For other non event pokemon, I do not believe the game can recognize them.

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I new that about the event ones. But some people said that you cannot enter the random-matchup with hacked pokemon. how does the game know that they are hacked?