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I have a bit of a problem with the Azumarill set I run, most importantly it's EV's: 252 Atk/252 HP/4 Sp.Def
Item: Sitrus Berry
Nature: Adamant
Aqua Jet
Belly Drum
Play Rough
Here's the conundrum, if I use Belly Drum with these EV's, it doesn't trigger my Sitrus Berry, which can mean death.
But if I cut it to 244 HP, sure, it triggers the berry but it cuts into Azumarill's bulk..

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you don't really need the extra 2hit points, having the sitrus activate as soon as you drum is way better

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i personally think you should sacrifice the necessary HP EV’s. you’re right, no sitrus activating is death. you should put the remaining EV’s into your special defenses, as you put 4 in them already. this way, you partially make up for your lost bulk.

on the other hand, situationally, something could happen where you would need the extra HP. however, that is very situational. there is almost no reason to keep unnecessary EV’s.

hope I helped :7

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