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i'm training my porygon.i want it to get a lot of sp.att power.i gave it power lens.where is the best place according to pokemons ev yield to train?

Which gen and game? If it's B/W, go to celestial tower.

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Sp. Attack ~

In Black and White, yes Alexa is right, Celestial Tower.
- Elegym (1)
- Litwick (1)

In Heart Gold and Soul Silver, you can go to either the pond above Goldenrod City, or the pond in Ilex Forest below Goldenrod. The Pokemon in the pond above Goldenrod City are slightly higher leveled.
- Golduck (2)
- Psyduck (1)

In Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum, you can go to the Old Chataeu place.
- Gastly (1)
- Haunter (2)