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My team is around level 25-26 and I keep losing. I just need a good place to grind for the battle. Also I need to grind up my level 21 Growlithe.

Edit:Sorry if it got confusing this is Black 1 I got the Growlithe from a trade.

Team right now:
Dewott(lvl 26)
Herdier(lvl 26)
Growlithe(lvl 23)
Swoobat(lvl 26)
Scraggy(lvl 26)

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The Stadiums are great ways to grind, as the Pokemon are pretty high in level. I would also suggest Lostlorn Forest, you can find Heracross/Pinsir, Roselia, and Swadloon, all of whom give pretty nice experience. You also have the random shaking grass Audino, which of course are just walking Rare Candy.

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Lawl trachy this is Black 1 but thanks for the stadium advice ill go there the only thing  wrong with your answer is the pokemon listed XD
The Growlithe threw me off. But yeah, while there are no Heracross/Pinsir or Roselia there are still Swadloon and there are also Tranquil, which give decent experience.
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well elesa has electric pkm so I would stop challenging here so you won't keep losing money and I would battle trainers cuz they give your Pokemon more exp. so route 5 would be a good spot to train and try to catch a sandile at route 4 and level it up and teach it a ground type well thats my advise cuz worked for me respond to me how it turns out and if this helped

I already have my team its a waste to catch a new pokemon just for one gym and have to train up all those level
tru so try to get a pokemon to learn a ground type attack
What about Emolga? Elesa has some good coverange.