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I know that N will be a very tough opponent because of Zekrom... That's why I need a place to grind my Pokemon. This is my Pokemons: Serperior (Grass), Sawk (Fighting), Fraxure (Dragon), Unfezant (Flying and Normal), Krookodile (Ground and Dark) and Chandelure (Fire and Ghost).
Please mention a place for each Pokemon to grind.

You can keep battling N until you win.
isn't audino the best way to get EXP?

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Victory Road is always my top choice for a place to grind, but Giant Chasm and Icirrus City (Dragonspiral Tower area) are also good choices. If you have any rare candies, now would be the time to use them.

i always do my grinding by beating audinos, just run around until a patch of grass shakes
That's also a useful trick. In all honesty, I usually just hack in a set of rare candies and use as many as I need to. I never hack for anything other than the story mode, and even then only because it takes forever to grind.
Forget Rare candies hacks. Use the Action Replay Exp hacks. Much easier.
You may already know this, but I'd recommend placing Krookodile at the front of your party to counter Zekrom's Fusion Bolt and other electric type attacks. Ground, ice, and dragon type moves are all very useful against Zekrom, if that helps your strategy.
I'm not gonna hack...