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I am in Mistralton City, and am yet to defeat Skyla, it's not that I can't beat her, although I haven't tried yet, as I'm sure I could beat her without too much trouble, but I want to level up all my team to about lvl 40 before I do and don't know what the best way to do it would be. I have a lvl 42 Emboar, lvl 38 Leavanny, lvl 38 Vanillite, lvl 31 Krokorok, lvl 25 Archen and a lvl 19 Solosis; I also have one exp.share and a lucky egg... Anyone know where I should go and how I should grind and if there is anything specific that I should grind to get all to about level 40 or above please before I defeat Skyla?

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Why do you want to level them up before defeating her? Wouldn't you unlock better grinding places after beating her?
Grind Audinos on Route 7 with the Lucky Egg
Emboar should get you through that gym. Vanillite matches up better against Swanna, Leavanny should do ok, use weaker Pokémon for status moves if you need to. Shouldn't need to be grinding yet anyway unless you're Nuzlocking. Audinos are your best friends.
Thanks for your help guys, you'll be happy to know that I did it by going riding back and fourth along the long grass on route 7, right before the celestial tower and went to any shuffling grass when I saw it with a lucky egg on that pokemon and grinded those level 26-29 Audinos for about 2000 exp per fight and swept Skyla with my Krokorok lvl40, as I'm keeping it krokorok atm for earlier moves, and am now doing the same thing at dragonspiral tower for the Icirrus Gym, right by Icirrus and am trying to train then all to level 50 and level 52 krookodile with Thrash. Thanks for all your help and advice
And the reason I wanted to level them all up to level 40, was so I could gurantee the win against Skyla and so that all of them would be about the same level, any extra advice is greatly appreciated thanks...
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There is a patch of grass on Route 7, just before the celestial tower and if you go back and fourth on the path between the long grass until the grass shuffled and then go to the shuffling grass, most of the time it is an Audino, so make sure you have a lucky egg on, then each fight with an Audino will give you about 2000 exp per fight...