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I want to be ready for the elite four before I face them so I need help finding a place to train my Pokémon to at least level 70-75 so does anyone have any suggestions? Here is my team and I AM NOT CHANGING THE MOVES because I did my calculations and they are good

Crobat Lvl 64 Item: sky plate

Cross poison
X scissor

Aegislash Lvl 62 Item: Deep Sea Scale

King’s Shield
Iron Head
Sacred Sword
Shadow Ball

Garchomp Lvl 54 Item: none

Dragon Claw

Heliolisk Lvl 60 Item: Zap Plate

Focus Blast
Parabolic Charge

Venasaur Lvl 61 Item: Venasaurite

Sludge Bomb
Energy Ball
Leech Seed

Greninja Lvl 62 Item: None

Night Slash
Grass Knot
Ice Beam

Diantha doesn't have a Pokemon above level 68, so training past that level may be overkill. Even a few levels under that is extremely doable.
1. This is mystic umbreon's team.
2. Why would you need to overlevel? xy elite 4 is super easy.(every elite 4 is easy)
Just repeatedly fight the Elite 4 until you win.

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You don't really need to train your team for the Kalos Elite 4. It's extremely easy. So instead, I'll show you how to use your Pokemon to defeat them. But before you challenge the Elite 4, replace Shadow Ball with Shadow Sneak and replace Iron Head with Swords Dance on Aegislash.

For Malva, spam Surf with Greninja, easy.

For Siebold(I think that's his name, haven't played in a while), use Mega Venusaur and spam Energy Ball on his team until Gyarados comes out. Then switch to Heliolisk and use Thunderbolt.

Wikstrom will be easy. For Klefki, if Garchomp can't take it out with a single Earthquake, use Venusaur. But after Klefki, have Garchomp use Earthquake on Aegislash and Probopass. You won't need to worry about Kings Shield, as Earthquake doesn't have contact damage. And Flamethrower the Scizor.

For Drasna, however, she will be tricky. For her Dragalge, have Garchomp use Earthquake which will most likely OHKO. For Altaria, use Dragon Claw. But for Noivern, switch to Greninja and use Ice Beam. You should be able to outspeed and even if you move last, I'm pretty sure Noivern doesn't have any super effective moves against Gren(it might have Focus Blast, however). And for her last Pokemon(which I believe is Druddigon), try using Dragon Claw with Garchomp and then Ice Beam with Greninja.

Now for the easiest Champion ever. Notice how I never mentioned using Aegislash at all? Well now, it time for it to shine. Use 3 Swords Dances against Hawlucha, it can't do anything to you, then spam Shadow Sneak to win. Against Aurorus and Tyrantrum, use Sacred Sword.

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Wouldn't iron head be much stronger than shadow sneak against some of Diantha's Pokemon?
Shadow Sneak can take out her Mega Gardevoir before she really hurts Aegislash with Shadow Ball
isnt every elite for extremely easy?
Unova's, Johto's, and Sinnoh's were the hardest elite 4 for me
Iron head is stronger than sacred sword against the rock types, isn't it?
I just beat the elite 4 and champion with a level 100 Gyarados.
I swept the johto elite 4