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Any way to get rid of EVs? most of my Pokemon have far too many special attack EVs from grinding. I know you can use a reset bag in super training to reset completely, but I can't seem to get enough reset bags.


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Generation VI also introduced a new feature called Super Training, which allows the player to increase effort points for each stat individually, or remove all effort points from a Pokémon entirely. Super Training Regimens feature minigame activities where the Pokémon attacks various balloons with footballs/soccer balls, which award effort points for the stat of the player's choosing as well as awarding a Training Bag. Training Bags also typically increase effort points, though some of them have other effects—such as the Double-Up Bag, which doubles the number of effort points awarded after a Regimen, or the Reset Bag, which reduces all effort points on a single Pokémon to zero.

In Pokémon X and Y, EV-altering juices can be made or bought at the Juice Shoppe in Lumiose City. If the player mixes two Berries of the same color, they will produce an EV Juice that raises a stat corresponding to the Berries' color by an amount depending on the Berries used; pre-made EV Juices can also be purchased from the Juice Shoppe, with the available juices varying each day. If the player mixes a Kee and Maranga Berry, they can produce the Perilous Soup, which reduces all effort points on a single Pokémon to zero.


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