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It can be under any condition, like +6 Attack. I’m just curious.

Probably deoxys-Attack with 6+ attack and 6- defense
What about Shedinja w/1 HP?

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With +6 attack and -6 defense, the only Pokémon that does NOT OHKO itself in confusion is shuckle. This website has a bunch of different scenarios and calculations that show what would happen in different situations. Hope I helped!

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Confusion damage is calculated as a base 40 typeless attack using the user's attack stat on its own defense stat, so even without any stat boosts, a Lonely (+atk, -def) attack form Deoxys with 252 Atk EVs and 0 Def IVs OHKOs itself:
252+ Atk Deoxys-Attack (No Move) vs. 0 HP / 0- Def Deoxys-Attack: 361-425 (149.7 - 176.3%) -- guaranteed OHKO

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