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Anyway to fix a quiet alakazam?

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If there is no way is there another good sweeper pokemon?

For more suggestions of what to pick my team is







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2 Answers

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To fix a Quiet Alakazam, you can always rebreed one with a better nature.
Although, lowered Speed ans raised Sp. Attack isn't all that bad for an in game team Pokemon.
Alakazam isn't even that slow in general, so its fine.

lf this Alakazam were for competetive battling, you must rebreed it however, sorry.

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What do you mean by FIx? If you mean change the nature its Impossible. And why do you need a sweeper?You have 3 On your team, I actually think for once i would suggest a Snorlax!A better choice would be tyranitar, you neeed a tank.Or even better get a snorlax and make it a wall.

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