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It’s stats look fine, and it has a nice STAB charge move with psychic. Is it any good in PVE?

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Do you want to know about PVE?
I know about PVE, I just don’t think many people would understand that term. I guess I’ll change it to PVE

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PVE Offensive Moves Explanation

Do you remember Beheeyem's best offensive moveset? Was it Confusion and Psychic?
I feel like Astonish was just outright atrocious and unusable, but I can't remember....
Does Beheeyem have Rock Slide and Dark Pulse? Hard to recall, but they're useless on offense if it does.

PVE Defensive Moves Explanation

Do you remember any reason to not use Confusion over Astonish? I sure as heck don't.
I just can't remember if Rock Slide or Dark Pulse is better on defense... I guess they're about even?
Am I forgetting to use Psychic? It's a good move, but I feel like using a fast and charged move that are the same type is a bad idea....

PVE Overview

It's said that Beheeyem uses its psychic powers to tamper with the memories of others. In Go, its goal in this is to make you forget about ever, ever using it.

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Ok I’ll take that as a “no beheeyem sucks” thanks!