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I'm looking for a good Psychic type,I don't know what to choose tho :/


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Beheeyem, it has good special attack, defense, and special defense, meowstic only has special attack and special defense.I would also recommend it because of it's high hp stat and wide movepool. Here's a link you can check for more information:


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Well, maybe you should try a calm minder Espeon?
I think thats a good psychic type set up or how ever you call it, They have really high special attack, I think and high speed.
So um maybe try it? You dont have to of course, its your game and your choice..

I was asking for Meowstic (M) or Beheeyem but thanks for the suggestion! :D
Oh i'm sorry, I forgot and got wrapped up. Also, I think beheeyem would be best.