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My Meowstic keeps looking away when I tell it to do moves.
Heres some info about it:

Meowstic (M)
Nature: Lonely
Characteristic: Somewhat vain
Ability: Infiltrator
Not Shiny
I got it from a GTS trade
Playing in USUM
Please tell me why it is looking away and sometimes other things I can't read in time.


2 Answers

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It is too high of a level.
Source: experience

@BlackAce For extra info it is Lvl. 54 and I beat Acerola's trail.
Also, the rest of my team is around 55-51
If you haven't beat the 3rd kahuna, any Pokémon obtained in trade and is level 51 or higher will disobey and disrespect you. :P

For more info, see Bulbapedia's Obedience article: https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Obedience#Stamps :P
Thanks  @Staka~ for the source
@toasted there is your info \ (•◡•) /
Thank you for your answers!

That helps me quite a lot.
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Because it's a trade Pokemon with high lv and you don't have enough grand trial stamps