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I start battles in Y and sometimes my Pokemon is interested in my bag, other times its just moving from side to side really quickly without an explaination... I'm wondering if anyone can tell me what that means? It's kinda cute and I love it. Other times they (blow a kiss?) or whatever that is when the little heart bubbles up during battle when they heal themselves somehow or get rid of a status condition themselves... Very confused but I love the interaction!

Is this Pokemon Amie?
No, it's during battling... Just as we get into the battle before any moves, they come straight out of the pokeball, and it's usually when it says "blah blah is waiting for your directions" or something... It turns it's head and it says the Pokemon is interested with my bag?

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This is a new feature in Pokemon X and Y. Its when you have high affection in Pokemon Amie that the Pokemon start to do things in battle that they wouldnt normally do. Like your examples, they sometimes heal themselves or get rid of status conditions. Phrases change from the standard, like instead the interested in you bag phrase, it could possible mean that some item in your bag can be used in the battle; like if a Pokemon inst caught yet they might be looking at a pokeball in your bag trying to convince you to catch it(though this is just a theory though.)

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Oh, ok :) that would make sense, thank you. A friend of mine was trying to explain that it might be something I had just picked up and the pokemon wanted to hold it.. (Although I'm not sure why my fully evolved salamence wanted to hold a moon stone for) but your theory actually does sound right :) and I do tend to concentrate on getting affection as high as possible early because a) I love the faces they make and b) it's a lot more helpful and entertaining in battle... So maybe battle me some time lol because I'm convinced my pokemon have to be the slowest out there from all the pokepuffs I've been treating them with make them extra fat (with love!!!) lol