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I've seen a wifi battle and he has EXTREME HP/BULK when I watch the video.
Recover and Psychic are 2 great moves for him, as well.

What makes/made him NU?


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  • Really it's bulk isn't that great. 75 / 75 / 95 isn't really that impressive - Musharna makes that look like dirt. It leaves Beheeyem vulnerable to many physical attacks from the game's best attackers. 95 SDef is good in NU though - it gives it a way to survive attacks.
  • Disgusting Speed stat. It is just too slow, and it has basically no way of fixing it besides the Choice Scarf which is really not good enough in this case. It does have Analytic though, which can turn its Speed from a liability to an advantage.
  • It is outclassed as both a tank and attacker (mostly by Reuniclus, who kills any chance of it getting into OU). Admittedly, 125 SAtk is good, but when it has no Speed to back it up, it can't use it to sweep properly.
  • A bad typing which gives it problems with Pursuit and Sucker Punch, two very popular Dark moves,

Also I don't see it moving out of NU unless Game Freak gives it some gigantic buff like a Mega Evolution or something.

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