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Might sound stupid, but with Sheer Force it should be UU or higher?

Smogon probably hasn't finished testing it yet. If LO Feraligatr starts to dominate the tier then he'll move up.
It's UU now, lol.

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Here's the deal:

  • Poor Speed (78)
  • Standard Moveset
  • Predictable, and thus easily countered by Physical Walls
  • Mediocre Defenses (100 Defense and 83 Special Defense)

I know, it sounds stupid. Even as I answer, it seems pretty tough to not consider the fact that Feraligatr can do good in Higher tiers. However, according to Neoseeker.com, it is not in NU or even RU. It is BL2 (Checked this on PS! too).

Basically, it is too strong for RU and NU but not fit enough to be in UU.

  • As I said, speed. 78 is nothing great, but it is workable after Dragon Dance. But you need timing and prediction, else some other Pokemon (looks at Infernape, Sceptile, and co.) can mess up ol' Feraligatr.
  • Basic moveset. Okay I understand you can be diverse, but let's face it. Swords Dance, Dragon Dance, Water Fall, Ice Punch, Earthquake. This is all we practically see. I admit this is effective, but can be countered with relative ease. Aqua Jet and Crunch add some spice, but it just doesn't cut.
  • Defenses are not that great, but with Infernape now hounding the UU tier, and other threats, you simply cannot take any chances.
  • Huge Power Azumarill Banded. Nuff Said

Regardless, Sheer Force Gatr looks threatening, and may have something bright for it in future. Let's keep our fingers crossed.

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