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some how on Pokemon Online, peoples dugtrios and terrikions are out speeding my Crobat and Swellow without scarfs

what is wrong my pokemon have 31 speed ivs and 252 evs.

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speed freak, please try and use better question titles in future. Things like "How on earth" aren't really very useful :)
there other instances of slower pokemon hitting and sorry pokemaster

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Well, With 120 speed, Dugtrio could have fun with this if he matches your Ev's in speed, with a helpfull nature.

Although, Terrakion makes no sense, PO has been very glitchy lately, and could be glitching up, but some COULD have scarfs, just make sure you haven't done anything to slow yourself down.

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but swellow had benefcial nature and so did bat and they have 125 and 130 base speed
Thean the only solution is a glitch in the system, PO isn't perfect.
Could it have been a Salac berry? Those are pretty hard to notice when the battle is going on PO.
no i look carefully