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I apologize, but I’m flagging the post.  The question could be considered to not be a great one (sorry again), and this is one of the most negative threads I’ve seen in a long time on database (I’ve been here longer than when I created the account lol).  I don’t know if the question or the answers but something just doesn’t feel right about it.  I’m only flagging to notify the staff members of this thread, just to see if anything should be done with this.  This is most likely just me, but I feel like this entire thread seems off.  Again, sorry, I just wanted to express my opinion and see if anyone else has a similar one.   While obviously it’s fine to disagree with a post, something hits different with this one.
Wait discussing loose points on someone's theory is considered as "off"?
Well, it’s not really that specifically.  It’s just a combination of everything.  If there is factual evidence that Mew comes from a specific place, then please completely ignore my comment, that is my mistake.  However, if it is unknown, then I’m unsure whether the question should still be up, if it is really is just guessing.  In the end, that is what the answers suggest.  However, I have no plans of answering the question myself, so I shouldn’t have said anything.  My apologies.
So every theory question should be hidden?
Also of course you are allowed to speak if the post concerns you lmao, no need to apologize, i was just wondering what your concerns really were
Thanks about the bottom part :)

Overall, I don’t think the question should necessarily be closed.  I guess I forgot that theory questions were allowed, and the overall negative response to this one caught me off guard a little.  So yeah lol :)

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Well, I couldn't find much evidence that would lead to where it originated from, but I will say why I believe Mew is from Earth.

Starting things off, multiple Pokedex entries state that Mew is a Pokemon of South America. This is where it was discovered, though this doesn't prove that Mew was originally from South America, it's something.

Next, there's nothing that makes me think Mew is from space. Neither wormholes or meteors/meteorites were mentioned in any of Mew's Pokedex entry; yet Pokemon from "space" tend to have the following mentioned in several Pokedex entries (UBs, Deoxys, etc.).

With that being said, there isn't enough evidence to confirm Mew's origin. So, it's all a matter of perspective, depending on how you look at what I've stated. I just have a strong hunch that Mew is from Earth, maybe even South America.

Hope this helps! :)

Dialga's PokeDex entries do not mention this Pokémon to originate from space, even though it actually is comfirmed to originate from space, despite your argument about Pokémon from space having a PokéDex entry about it. There's nothing that makes you think that Mew is from earth either, so that's pretty much an invalid argument. Also if a Pokémon lives on earth it doesn't mean it originated from it (Cleffa for example).
Thats why I did not say that Mew was from Earth, lol. I only said that  it's what I'm leaning towards, i stated that there wasnt strong evidence that proved if Mew was from Earth or space.
Why did you use these two arguments then?
But i never said Mew was from Earth, correct? I just said that I think Mew MIGHT be from Earth. I don't know, because there is 0 evidence proving Mew's origin. I just said why I think Mew MAY be from Earth.

Also lol i was downvoted for basically no reason.
lol oof
Still, why did you use these two arguments then? And why did you also answer the question, even if it only was open for a few hours? "Game Freak logic" isn't a good explanation besides if you want to take it off of the unanswered list. Someone can have a real explanation
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So as you know, according to Pokemon lore, arceus was just created. So, arceus made mew along with the planet. The problem is, there have never been any official conformations on where Pokemon were made, but judging that mew is a mythical and one of the first, I feel like arceus would have made it in space and then sent mew into the world to help.

i've been downvoted too :(